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With ‘America First,’ some foreign companies in the U.S. fear Trump is putting them last

Foreign firms operating in the U.S. are growing uneasy about Trump’s rhetoric, and that could slow foreign investment.

Calif. wildfire plan shows how we can adapt to threat of natural disasters

The state is going through an exercise that the rest of us will have to do at some point: determining how much we are willing to pay, and how much we are willing to change the way we live, to adapt to the threat of natural disasters caused by global warming.

I applied for a job with my friend’s ex-boss

Working for a friend’s ex-boss can be like dating a friend’s ex. It can work, but everyone has to be grown-ups and you need a clear view of the reasons why your friend left.

Ransomware attacks are expensive threat for cities and states

These frequent attacks have exposed the soft underside of the nation’s cybersecurity preparedness as hackers snarl basic services for millions of Americans.

The number of workers becoming retirement-plan millionaires hits record highs

Here’s how you can become one, too.

Paying for college comes down to managing expectations, for both parent and child

Here are seven tips to help parents finance university degrees without sacrificing their retirements or taking on major debt.

Trump’s wild week of tax ideas continues with new promise if GOP sweeps in 2020

The president said in a tweet that he would pass a “major" middle-class tax cut, the latest in a string of varying tax pledges that he has made in the past week.

Trump’s company could save millions if interest rates fall as he demands

The Trump Organization could see large savings in payments it is making on roughly $345 million in loans, according to public filings and financial experts. 

Trump ‘hereby’ orders U.S. business out of China. Can he do that?

Some see command as more than “cheap talk,” saying president has real levers to compel compliance.

Patients face higher fees and longer waits after Planned Parenthood quits federal program

The agency forfeited millions after refusing to comply with what it calls a Trump administration ‘gag rule’ regarding abortion referrals.