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Verizon, AT&T, Sprint to Cut Off Data Providers After Customer Locations Were Revealed

Verizon Communications, AT&T and Sprint pledged to stop sharing customer locations with two data brokers after at least one company revealed individuals’ whereabouts without their consent.

GE Drops Out of the Dow After More Than a Century

General Electric will drop out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average next week, a milestone in the decline of a firm that once ranked among the mightiest of U.S. blue-chips.

California, Eight States Ready Plan to Boost Zero-Emission Vehicles

California and eight other states are preparing to roll out a plan pressuring car companies and others to meet ambitious goals for sales of electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly automobiles.

Marriage Is Out of Fashion. So Why Is Tiffany Selling More Engagement Rings?

Tiffany’s engagement ring sales surged this spring after a prolonged funk. The reversal has nothing do with the U.S. marriage rate, which is stuck at historic lows, or even new products or prices.

Fox TV Producers Issue Rare Public Criticism of Fox News Commentary

Steve Levitan of ‘Modern Family’ and Seth MacFarlane of ‘Family Guy’ said they were embarrassed to work at the company that owns the cable news channel.

White House Sees an Edge in Trade Dispute With China

President Donald Trump’s escalation of trade threats against China reflects his belief that Washington increasingly has the upper hand in the dispute, administration officials said, adding he is prepared to withstand pressure from U.S. businesses that might suffer from the conflict.

Tariffs Start to Ripple Their Way Through U.S. Economy

Examples of how new tariffs might ripple through the U.S. economy have already been provided by earlier, smaller rounds of tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

Trump's New Round of Tariffs Likely Will Hit Consumers Directly

President’s Donald Trump’s trade battles with China and the rest of the world have barely touched U.S. consumers so far, but that could soon change.

Saudi Arabia's Economic Revamp Means More Jobs for Saudis---If Only They Wanted Them

Local companies that used to rely on expats are struggling to fill the government’s new quotas with qualified employees, given the large number of jobs Saudis refuse to do. Among the creative solutions: Saudi workers who are paid to stay home.

U.S. Housing Starts Rebound in May

U.S. housing starts rebounded last month to the highest level since 2007, driven by a construction rebound in parts of the country that have lagged for much of the economic recovery as well as a lingering apartment boom.