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Former Wells Fargo chief executive barred from banking industry

In a settlement with regulators, former Wells Fargo chief John Stumpf agrees to a lifelong ban from the banking industry and a $17.5 million fine. The regulators continue to pursue other company executives on other charges of "systemic" misconduct in sales practices.

Environmentalists want Coca-Cola to ditch its plastic bottles. The company says people like them too much.

Coca-Cola's head of sustainability recently told the BBC that the company won't stop making plastic bottles because of consumer preference. Environmental activists say the company is missing the point.

Goldman Sachs CEO says it won’t take a company public without diversity on its board

The new policy starts this summer, and will increase to two directors in 2021.

That text you got about a package isn’t from FedEx. It’s a scam.

The “smishing” campaign starts by asking users to set up delivery preferences and ends with a request for credit card information.

Global markets swoon as lethal virus in China spreads

Investors worry about the global economy, as Chinese authorities lock down the city of Wuhan, where the virus appeared.

Amazon seeks to force Pentagon to halt work on JEDI cloud computing contract

The Defense Department's Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, worth up to $10 billion over 10 years, was awarded to Microsoft late last year, prompting a bid protest from Amazon.

FICO changes mean 40 million Americans could soon see lower credit scores

Fair Isaac, which produces the FICO credit score, said the severity of the downward shift would depend on how recently the consumer had fallen behind and by how much.

Workers are fired up. But union participation is still on the decline, new statistics show.

Workers are fired up. 2020 candidates are wooing labor like the olden days. And unions say they feel momentum. But membership is still on the decline.Despite a sense of progress, union participation is still declining

A Jamal Khashoggi documentary could take the film world — and U.S.-Saudi relations — by storm

“The Dissident,” which premiers Friday at Sundance, casts the killing of The Washington Post columnist in a new light.

Mortgage rates sink to lowest level in three months

The 30-year fixed rate fell to 3.6 percent and hasn’t been this low since October.