BizTV Enlists Owner & Chairman Ed Fraizer as CEO to Orchestrate Ambitious Expansion

Fraizer plans to build the network’s BizTV YouTube channel, produce new series and launch The Evergreen Project in 2023

ARLINGTON, TX (February 22, 2023) — BizTV, the broadcast network for business owners and entrepreneurs that celebrates Main Street America, announced today it appointed Owner and Chairman Ed Fraizer as the CEO, to lead its ambitious expansion plans for 2023. 

BizTV has grown exponentially since its inception in 2009 and now offers more than 20 television shows available across 50 million households, designed to empower dreamers to dive into entrepreneurship. In 2023, the network plans to expand its compelling, fast-paced content by growing the network’s BizTV YouTube channel, producing a new, 13-episode weekly series called “The Business of…” and launching “Incubation to Distribution”, a four-week web series covering the four stages of creating a TV-ready program, from incubation to distribution. 

The network also plans to focus on its recent partnership with FASTChannels.TV in 2023, to aggressively move into the streaming universe and offer Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) that viewers crave in this day and age. 

“This is an exciting moment in BizTV’s history and I’m eager to dive back into overseeing the day-to-day operations as we prepare for a momentous year of growth,” Frazier said. “BizTV has always been close to my heart and, after taking off a few years to study the competitive landscape, I feel passionate about catapulting this network to new heights based on everything I have learned and discovered.” 

Frazier has more than 25 years of experience representing media and internet technology companies including Fox Sports, Satellite Sports Networks, CoServ, and MasterLink, giving him a unique perspective on the issues facing both programmers and distributors. Since launching BizTV in 2009, he has continued to disrupt the broadcast TV industry by supplying new channels of distribution to business owners and entrepreneurs, and has led the network to reach 125 million potential viewers. 

“My vision is to continue pairing professional mentors, entrepreneurs and business owners with viewers who are eager to learn the challenges, strategies and viewpoints on finding success throughout the BizTV platform,” Frazier said. “While many major broadcast networks focus on sensationalizing Wall Street’s heavy hitters, we remain devoted to Main Street America, and to producing down-to-earth content that is relatable to big or small business entrepreneurs nationwide.” 

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About BizTV: 

BizTV is the broadcast network for business owners and entrepreneurs. Founded in 2009, BizTV has a legacy that speaks for itself. The network features compelling, fast-paced content that engages viewers  in marketing, technology and disruptive business innovations. BizTV reaches an audience of over 50 million, and empowers dreamers to dive into entrepreneurship by sharing advice and success stories from business leaders across the nation. Learn more below. For more information, visit:, Youtube: @biztelevision, Twitter: @biztv, and Facebook: @biztv.