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How Facebook's Past Data Policies Led to Its Current Crisis

A key period in Facebook’s past—when developers were able to access huge amounts of data—is coming back to haunt the social network.

Apple's Cook to Trump: Embrace Open Trade

Apple CEO Tim Cook called on President Donald Trump to support free-trade policies as planned tariffs raise tensions between the U.S. and China.

Winning at Tariffs: Be From Exempted Nation, Produce in U.S.

Australian steelmaker BlueScope is boosting U.S. production in a bet that demand would rise from the construction and automobile industries. The wager sets it up to be a big winner from Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Airlines Conquer Challenges of Long-Haul Flights. Now Can Passengers?

Now that ultra long-haul flights, like Qantas Airways’ London-to-Perth connection, are possible, airlines and aircraft makers are asking: How can we make them bearable for passengers?

Waymo Chief Confident Tech Could Avoid Uber-like Incident

John Krafcik, the head of Google-parent Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, said he is confident its technology would be able to spot a pedestrian crossing the street in the wake of a fatal accident involving an Uber Technologies self-driving car.

China Started Trade War, Not Trump

China started the trade war long before Donald Trump became president, and while his China crackdown is risky, it’s on firmer legal, political and economic ground than many of his other trade complaints, Greg Ip writes.

Retaliation Threats, Intense Lobbying, Alliances: How Tariffs Exemptions Were Won

The countries excluded from the steel and aluminum tariffs all made the case that their metal exports don’t impair U.S. national security, but each emphasized a different approach.