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Does Netflix have a killer problem?

With You, Mindhunter and a Ted Bundy show Netflix has doubled down on violent and gory content. That could come at a high social cost.

Parents charged in college admissions scandal are turning to this convicted felon for advice

Like hardened Sherpas leading well-heeled clients up a treacherous peak, prison consultants have smoothed the road to incarceration for such big-name clients as Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart and former NBA referee Tim Donaghy.

White economic anxiety evaporated after the 2016 election. Now black economic anxiety is on the rise.

New data show the rise in white Americans who fear for their economic future subsided after the 2016 election of Donald Trump, but now the same sentiment is rising among black Americans.

How the free market can ensure more Americans share in prosperity

By requiring all companies to make annual disclosures and allowing all investors to buy into private companies, the decision whether to go public or remain private can be left where it rightfully belongs — with the companies and investors interacting in an open and competitive market.

Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh wears his 501s in the shower

Chip Bergh talks on IPO day about his turnaround, running a public company and why it’s best to wash your jeans in the shower.

When a recruiter offers a job that’s too good to be true

Tips for protecting yourself against shady operators who want the right to represent you.

Perspective: The college admissions scandal isn’t just about rich, entitled people

It's also a mirror of the March madness that befalls a lot of parents.

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